Top 5 things to be considered before designing an E-commerce Website

Nowadays, by developing an E-commerce website, Digital marketing is promoted. The Best e-commerce website Developer in Singapore will give an aesthetic aspect to the website also helps in promoting the brand and built trust among the users. The E-commerce web design serves thus serve the sole purpose to make a good profitable sale.

The designing of the E-commerce website should satisfy some marketing considerations to gain trust among the customers. Below are some of the E-commerce solutions Singapore to improve the digital marketing by the E-commerce Web design.

1. Target the brand

Lots of E-commerce website is available in the market, with a clear vision to promote their brand. But it is not likely that users will be satisfied with every website. The first consideration for the Best E-commerce website Developer in Singapore is to target your brand. The scenario is that E-commerce websites come with the beautiful, luxurious look, but the company couldn’t achieve the target sales. The E-commerce solutions Singapore ideally focuses on both the target and the layout of the website.

The website design is in such a way that the user should understand the website once they have landed. Improving your brand by should be your prior goal.

2. Provide a visual outlook

In the process of designing the website, the website should not only target the brand but have an aesthetic look to attract the customers. The E-commerce Singapore websites are aimed to give a visual treat to its customers. The website design should be with pictures depicting your brand. Pictures speak more than words, and there is a big difference between a website with simple layout and quality photo usage.

The quality photograph is a means of sharing the website on Social Media. An E-commerce website should be designed focusing the brand and imparting a visual treat to its visitors.

3. Pay attention to the internal website pages

E-commerce website designers usually pay lack of attention to internal pages. All the efforts will be on the landing page, and the designer uses his skills to make the best homepage, ignoring the internal pages.  Attention should be made to every page of the website, giving equal importance to the information. The e-commerce website has the internal pages designed in two broad categories.
·         Category page: This page design should be done using your good search engine optimization team. The SEO team will provide the website with targeted keyword traffic availability. The PPC marketing team can actively start a campaign to drive your website traffic to the top ranking position. Some of the elements to be included in the category page are headlines describing your products, featured banners for your distinctive products, well-written content on the top of the page.

·         Shopping cart page: The page which lists all your products and brands. The shopping cart page is fundamentally a conversion funnel driving and dragging the customers towards a website. Usability and graphic design should be promptly utilized to design this shopping cart with products popping up and highlighting featured products.

4. Include your contact details

To make your website visitors to customer’s you should furnish necessary contact details most preferably phone number and contact our website link in the upper right-hand corner. Your contact details should be visible font easily reaching the customers.

5. Include a trust badge or logo

Badges and logo with the beautiful message can create enthusiasm for website visitors to purchase your brand.  Various reputed E-commerce Singapore website carries their logo to promote the brand. Thereby develops trust to the customers about online payment and safe website usage.


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