How to build SEO friendly eCommerce shopping website

E-commerce shopping website enables users to purchase accessories, clothing, etc. online. There are many websites available online and getting a brand name is difficult these days. People use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find information online. Optimizing websites with SEO standards get the site on the first page of search results. On-page and off-page SEO are two types of SEO to summarize the concept of the idea.
Every aspect of the website is focused and modified according to SEO. Read on to the end of the article to find out how to create SEO friendly E-commerce shopping website. Ecommerce Singapore statistics reveals $5 billion sales in total.      
The difference:

Websites are categorized based on the purpose they serve. Static, dynamic, CMS, E-commerce websites are some of the common types used. Static sites display the content. Dynamic websites can display the content and can do dynamic operations like login, registration, loading content, etc. Wordpress is a typical and well-known example of Content Management System (CMS).
People can shop various items separated into categories in E-commerce websites. Revenue generated with Ecommerce Singapore shows the growth rate of over 10.1% in 2018. There are many Ecommerce solutions Singapore, but now we focus on the dominant factors and are as follows.     
Why SEO?
Search Engine Optimization gets your websites to be visible on the first page of search results. According to statistics, people get their information from the links of the first page. Users rarely visit second and further pages for more info.  
So, it is very important to be visible in first pages to improve the business. SEO aids in the process of improving website position and rank globally. Some of the factors to keep in mind while designing website are as follows. Best Ecommerce website developer in Singapore takes SEO into consideration while developing website.
·         User friendly:
Websites should be user friendly. It indicates that the buttons, user interface and navigation links of website work fine and are easy to use. One of the primary factors to consider in Ecommerce web design is user friendly nature of website.
·         Loading time:
Website loading time is one of the ranking factors of SEO. Bounce rate indicates how much time an average user spends on your website. People want information fast and they will not hesitate to close and open new websites for information. So, it is better to decrease the loading time of website by compressing images and other techniques.

·         Being SEO friendly:
On-page and off-page SEO are two types. Off-page involves classified, directory, image, audio and many other submission procedures. On-page SEO consists of set of rules for optimizing website. Make sure your website is SEO friendly to improve ranks and brand value.
·         Well organized:
As discussed above, E-commerce website should contain many categories of products to shop from. The design should be unique as copied designs from existing websites will result in copyright infringements. Layout must be easy to use. Complexity in finding options may result in the loss of users thereby costing the business or company. Ecommerce web design includes the plan of website to be well organized and structured.
·         Coding:
Google uses crawling and indexing for finding your website when a user enters appropriate keyword. CSS and JS code must be written in separate files and include them in parent file. Write code in orderly manner and try to minimize extra code. This helps Google to find your webpage immediately after user queries in search.
Note: This single step is not sufficient for getting the website to the first page of search results. But it is one of the factors affecting the ranking. The above is the best Ecommerce solutions Singapore one can have to use while developing websites.  
Websites will not get better ranking overnight. It may be Ecommerce or any other type of websites, but the process takes time. BestEcommerce website developer in Singapore uses the above strategies. Google introduced many rules to avoid sites with useless content. It only picks sites who implemented all their rules of SEO. So website design, SEO, promotions, and functionality are essential and play a vital role in the success of E-commerce shopping website. 


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