15 SEO Tips to Get Good Google Ranking

Google is God for new web platforms. Google is not only the most prominent search engine in the market but also the smartest one among all searching engines. So, if you think that you can make google fool, just forget about it! But if work smart, you can get the smarter results from google.
Amid high competition, it is not easy to get ranks or first page appearance on google searches. It’s not impossible though if you reach the right SEO consultant! Being the best SEO Company, we play following 15 master cards to improve the Google ranking of web platforms: SEO Expert Singapore.
1.       Check speed of the site: Use google page speed tool to check the speed of your web platform. We use reliable tools to test the performance and speed of the site. The site speed shouldn’t be more than 4 seconds. And we guarantee that we will reach it by using our expertise.

2.       Use video content: In this high-speed data time, videos are more popular than written content. In our SEO package Singapore, we provide a complete video strategy for newly formed web platforms.
3.       Avoid hashtags: URLs must be hashtag free. You can use Hash tags on social media platforms for being search specific, but this idea spoil the SEO if you use the same in URLs too. Use twitter cards at the place of twitter URLs.
4.       Work on URLs: URL must as lean as possible. Although Google accepts maximum 50,000 URLs up to the size of 50 MB, but it is advisable to keep it minimum for generating more traffic towards the platform.
5.       Index the pages: It is one of the most important tasks to index the pages that you create and Google can recognise them. Being the best SEO Company, we submit the site map to the Google and index all the pages thereon.
6.       Use Search console or other tools: Google provides various tools to check your site. Use Google search console, webmaster and other tools to check the backlinks and issues, if any, in your site and remove them.
7.       Create brand value: By registering your new or existing business is the higher directories get more attention and increase the brand value. Being the best SEO packages Singapore, we provide this facility to all our customers and helps is brand recognition as well as brand value.
8.       Create a fine linking structure: If there is the use of widgets, we recommend marking the link as ‘no-follow’ link.
9.       Avoid AJAX Crawling scheme: AJAX crawling is quite complicated and new web platforms should avoid it.
10.   Incorporate Emoji: Emoji increases the search popularity. More you are popular, the more you will get traffic and visits.
11.   Follow google webmasters guidelines: Before doing anything illegal by being impatient, don’t forget to read google webmasters guidelines. Don’t try to buy backlinks. Otherwise, Google may penalise you for your mistakes.
12.   Voice search: Due to the high usages of mobile phones, it is good to consider the relevance of voice searches too while conducting keyword research. We do it for our customers at very broad level.
13.   Use trick of Google Ad-words: For the regional specific businesses, Google ad-words distance is the best thing to track visits. So, don’t forget to use this to analyze your market and likes and dislikes of customers.
14.   Launch Google AMP: Most of the users are not of desktops. So, it is always good to be the mobile-friendly platform for getting the more traffic. SEO Services Singapore.

15.   Migrations towards security: Don’t make changes while shifting your platform from HTTP to HTTPS. It creates lots of issues and redirections that confuse the google. 


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